Friday, August 28, 2009

Class Updates

A lot of people took advantage of the discount pricing, and got registered today, so here are the classes as they currently stand:

Wednesday 2:15-3:00pm (4 spots available)
Thursday 9:15-10:00am (3 spots available)

*Thursday 6:15-7:00pm (6 spots available)

* We need two more students (preferably school-aged) to make the Thursday night class happen. This is the class I am putting my 8 year old daughter in, instead of private piano lessons. I am confident that after 3 years in this program her keyboarding/music skills will exceed what they would in private piano lessons.

Classes are capped at 8 students, so if you know of anyone who is interested, have them contact me while there are still spots open in their preferred class! I will be emailing the semester schedules out by Monday.

Thanks to everyone who has registered! Seeing the enthusiasm of the kids who attended my sample class, makes me so excited to start teaching!

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