Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lesson 4 Notes


In class, everyone did such a great job with mi-re-do, that we've modified the song "Hickety Pickety Bumblebee" to end with mi-re-do-do to say hel-lo Tren-ton. It's fun to find out who has a name with more syllables, so you play the red DO bell more times. Why not play with everyone in your family and use first and middle names?

The barnyard song continues to be a big hit. If your child still has trouble getting her HANDS to match to her VOICE (this is common in the beginning), try holding onto her hands and guiding her to clap as she says the rhythm of the animals. If you have some barnyard animal toys at home (or maybe real animals!?), have them talk to each other in these great rhythms!

We practiced again singing the ostinato (repeating part: ding dong) against the melody (the words) in "Hear how the bells". Learn both parts well, and one day when you and your child are waiting in line, you can suggest, "Hey! Why don't YOU sing the ostinato and I'll sing the melody!" and you will sound great together. We'll do it in class next week so you can see just what I mean.

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