Friday, August 21, 2009

Testimonial--from an LPM parent, and my friend...

Hello to all my Lovely Laveen Friends!
Last year I started my son in a Let's Play Music class. After the first class I was on the phone to Kendra begging her to take a look at it so she could teach. I knew she'd be amazing with her teaching background and insane knowledge of music (seriously, insane...ever played a game of "Name that Tune" with the woman?!?!). And I knew that it would interest many of the Moms I came to know and love back at our previous residence. It's a 3 year program that teaches music in a completely different way...through play ~ and the kids LOVE it!!! Not only do they love it but he's actually getting music in a way I never could've imagined. Another benefit is that I get to go to class every other week so my musical light bulbs are going off like crazy too. Each semester he gets a different CD to listen to at home...and the songs are really fun so I don't mind playing them a lot:) The bells were a lot of fun and both my boys have benefited from them and continue to use them. This year he's started on the piano and I'm already loving the year he'll be reading music and playing songs:) Some fun things they do in class are puppet shows to classical music, dancing and roll out a huge "staff" mat and the kids are the notes.

Check out the website if you want to learn more...and give Kendra a call. Good luck and have fun ~ even though our teacher is amazing I'm completely jealous that I can't be over there to use Kendra so take advantage for me!!!

Miss you all and hope you're all doing well,

Kim Rowley

*If you'd like more info about my classes, fill out the form here or email me at kendrascreations{at}gmail{dot}com.*

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