Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lesson 7 notes

We're doing great in class with TWO melodic patterns now (mi re do, and sol sol do). Both are important examples of cadence melodies that pull us back to DO. That's why these patterns make great endings to songs! Songs sound “right” when they end on DO!

We didn't use the bells much in class this week, but there are some fun things you can do at home:

1. Play sol-do on the BOOM-BOOM (ain't it great to be crazy). Sing in the key of bells RED-GREEN (lower case sol do).

2. Play sol-sol-do-do as you say hell-o your-name in the hickety pickety bumblebee song. (Do is on F…we’re singing in F). If you want to play the WHOLE song, play hickety-pickety using the high sol (RED BELL) and mi (dark blue) to be in the key of F.

3. YOU can play the song Scotland's Burning for your child on the bells! Soon she will play it too... the hand signs will give you clues as to what notes to play... just remember to play using the lowercase letters, in the key of F. The high SOL! SOL! SOL! SOL! of FIRE! is on the highest red bell.

Thought for the day from another "Let's Play Music" teacher:

" I noticed the other day that my daughter hadn't played with her doll house for a long time. Gosh, doesn't she like those toys anymore? I decided to get down on the floor with her and pull them out, and started having doll people talk to each other. Not surprisingly, once she saw I was having fun and being silly, she was happy to join in and wanted to play, too. If it turns out that your child is not so inclined to play on the bells or sing the songs from class, maybe a similar approach will be helpful. Play the bells yourself, sing along to the CD in the car, or instigate a game from class with ALL the family members. Hopefully as she sees YOU modeling having fun with music, she'll gravitate to you and decide to give it a try. Be sure to applaud every effort and allow some time for creative exploration, too!"

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'll see your students on Thursday!

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