Monday, April 5, 2010

Now Registering for Fall!

It is time to make plans for the fall!
  • See the column to the right hand side for potential class times.
  • There are 3 time slots listed on the registration form, but there will only be one or two 2nd year classes. The actual class times will be determined by the first choices of those who get their forms turned in soonest. If you have a difficult schedule, please turn in your form right away, and let me know your conflicts.
  • The number of first year classes will depend on interest.
  • See the sidebar for tuition and registration fees. Tuition is slightly higher for 2nd year as classes are longer (50 mins.).
  • You have the opportunity to save a little money! Turn in your completed registration form and materials fee by the evening of our recital (April 22), and I will waive your $15 registration fee.
  • For each student you refer to sign up for the program, I will deduct $15 from your first months' tuition. Just have the student note that you referred them to the program on their registration form.

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