Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lesson 8-- Blue Bugs

During class we looked at the notation for The Dinosaur Song and saw that it was all skips and babysteps. Your child should be ready to color the skips and steps for the homework assignment, and have fun singing as the notes go up.

We also did B-I-N-G-O, for the first time. It is a fun one to help them practice clapping their rhythms. And speaking of rhythms, as you work with your students on their bug flashcards, see if you can get them to clap the appropriate rhythm with out saying the word. Sometimes, the kids say "but-ter-fly," the right way, but clap a steady eighth note rhythm at the same time. While keeping rhythm is a great skill (and one we will practice more with our jungle animals), we want them to feel each rhythm, and not just hear it. You can make it a game: "Can you clap a caterpillar for me with out saying a word?", "How about a grasshopper?", etc.

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