Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lesson 11

I hope you all had a great break, and are ready to "play music" tomorrow!

We sure had fun last class on our giant staff! One idea you can do at home is to draw lines on the sidewalk with chalk, and play a game with your students. You can instruct your child to jump to the “First Line” or “Fourth Space” to help her remember ordinal counting, or you could play "mother may I" with those directions. I bet the kids would love it if you let THEM be "Mother" and instruct YOU where to go.

A couple of announcements:

-Dec. tuition will be due tomorrow (for those paying monthly).

-Parents will come to class on the 10th for lesson 13.

-The evening class will be meeting on Tuesday the 15th (instead of the 17th) for our final class, this semester.

-For both groups: I am wondering if our final class can be 1 hr. long, instead of 45mins., since we will be combining two lessons. That would mean starting our morning class at 9:00, and the evening class at 6:00. Please let me know if this will work for you. I'm going to say that parental attendance at that class is optional, since you will have just come the previous week. Morning class: if you do plan to come, let me know, so I know whether we will need Mikayla that day, or not.

Looking forward to a fun (and musical) December!

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